Guide to fix the “Netgear Router keeps disconnecting” issue

Netgear has a global reputation for being a multinational company that has been dealing with computer networking and related products/services. Offered products by the brand include a variety of networking hardware for the consumer, business, and service population. Netgear is known to create innovative networking products that help in bringing people closer, power all business enterprises, and add value to our lives. The Internet service they provide come with great speed and range. However, being a technical brand, its products go through some challenges and one of them we’ll be talking about here is “Netgear router keeps disconnecting”. You’d get to know the causes behind this issue and we’d guide you through the ways that would resolve it so, let’s get on it.

Netgear Router Keeps Dropping WiFi Connection – Why?

This part of the read has been assigned to help you understand why your Netgear router keeps disconnecting. You might be thinking that there has to be some valid explanation as to why your Netgear router keeps disconnecting and reconnecting, and there is. Given below are the causes that lead to you encountering this issue:

  • Routers may face temporary glitches due to long device hours.
  • Constant outages are common when you step out of the router’s coverage area.
  • WiFi transmissions can be interrupted if there’s any large metal object near the router.
  • Hardware interruption resulting from dust, overheating or maybe any physical damage.
  • Network blockage as you face “Netgear router not working”.

Fixing methods for Netgear Nighthawk random disconnects

This part of the read has been assigned the responsibility of guiding you through the resolution methods for overcoming the “Netgear router keeps disconnecting” issue. And more importantly, we’ll be focusing on the Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 as users have been reporting random interruptions with their devices. Mentioned below are all the ways you can choose from to rid your routers of this issue:

Router Reboot

First and foremost, a router reboot is the only thing that comes to mind as it is the most recommended resolution method which has proved to be extremely beneficial in the past. And hopefully, this is all you need to do. But if, restarting your router doesn’t work, you should keep on reading.

Range Check

You are then suggested to make sure that your devices are inside the range of your Netgear WiFi router. That eliminates the possibility of network disconnection. Also, ensure that the router antennas do not get any closer to the ground, which might work as a network blocking opportunity. But the next resolution is, if in case, this method fails.

Signal Check

Any large metal object placed in and around the router proximity might cause a network blockage. You have to make sure that no external object is blocking the network or the Internet signal.

Disable Guest Network

Maybe the Netgear router keeps disconnecting (Nighthawk AC1900) due to guest networks. Digging into the network community might show you that ghost networks are major routes to network interruptions, especially because of the absence of global traffic jams. And you might have enabled them accidentally, so move ahead and disable them.

Disable your VPN installment

It is possible that the “Netgear router keeps disconnecting” issue is not a router issue at all. It might be coming from the installation of a VPN on your connected devices. The time it requires for the IP address to run through networks might result in network interruptions. So, you might have to choose on disabling the activated VPN.

Netgear Router Update

A required update might be the primary cause for the problem, which means you need to check for available updates through the Netgear App or just log into and get the update.


The detailed read above has been carefully crafted to help you understand every cause of the “Netgear router keeps disconnecting” issue. Once, you’ve understood the possible reasons that led you to experience WiFi network interruption, we move on to help you through the resolution choices that might fix the issue and take you back to using a smooth and uninterrupted Internet connection.

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