Routers setup- A setup guide for every router brand

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Routers setup
A setup guide for every router brand

To enjoy seamless internet connectivity over all the devices of your home, it is a must that you bring home a new router. Since there are many wifi routers available in the market, choosing the one you want depends on the range you want, speed, and other related factors. But, there is one more tough task after you choose your router i.e. to set it up. The users belonging to a non-tech background might find it a difficult task to install their routers. Thus, to make it convenient for the users, the common steps for installation as well as setting up a router are listed below.

Note: the steps given on this page are
applicable to all the famous routers available in the market.

Default Router Login and Setup Steps

  • Step 1 –Check The Internet Connection If You Are Going To Connect Your Router To A Pre-Existing Modem.
  • Step 2 –It Is Time To Place The Router In An Appropriate Position/Location.
  • Step 3 –Refer To The User Manual And Connect The Power Cable To The Router And Then Wait For A Few Minutes.
  • Step 4 –Plug In The Ethernet Cable To The Router’s WAN Or Internet Port.
  • Step 5-Login And Configure Your Router:
  • First, Launch A Web Browser On Your Computer.
  • In Its Address Bar, Enter “” Or The IP Address Of Your Router.
  • You Can Refer To The User Manual To Know What Your Router’s IP Address Is.
  • As Soon As You Enter The IP Address, Tap ‘Enter’ On Your Keyboard.
  • When You Reach The Web Interface Of Your Router, Enter The Following Login Details:
    1. For Username: Admin
    2. For Password: Admin
  • This Will Open The Configuration Page Of Your Router.
  • On This Page, Select ‘Administration’ Present Under The ‘Advanced’ Settings.
  • Now, Tap On The ‘System’ Tab And Enter A New Login Name As Well As Password For Your Router.
  • In The Same Way, You Can Make Other Necessary Configurations Of Your Router.
  • Once You Do So, Click On The ‘Apply’ Option To Save The Changes.

Router Models covered

  • Netgear Router Setup-To Set Up Your Netgear Router, You Need To First Access The Network Configuration Page Of Your Router By Entering Its IP Address In The Search Bar Of Your Web Browser. Once The Configuration Page Opens, Log In To Your Router Using The Default Login Details, And Adjust The Settings Accordingly.
  • Linksys Router Setup-Plug In The Power And Ethernet Cable To Their Respective Ports And Turn On All These Devices. Go To The Network Configuration Page By Typing The IP Address Of Your Router In The Browser’s Search Bar. Then, Enter The Login Details Of The Linksys Router And Make The Desired Adjustments.
  • Asus Router Setup-To Set Up Your Asus Router, You Need To Access Its Network Configuration Page After You Have Plugged In The Cables To Their Respective Ports. After You Reach The Configuration Page, Enter The Default Login Details Of Your Router I.E. “Admin”. After You Log In, You Can Configure The Router Accordingly.
  • Belkin Router Setup-For The Setup, You Need To Connect The Ethernet Cable To The WAN Port Of Your Router And Connect The Other End To The Modem. After Establishing The Connection, Log In To Your Router, And Adjust The Settings.
  • TP-Link Router Setup-For The Setup, Turn On Your Router And Connect It To Your PC And Modem. After That, Access The Configuration Of Your Router By Entering “” In The Search Bar. Now, Log In Using The Default Login Details Of The Router And Make The Necessary Settings.
  • Xfinity Router Setup- Place Your Router Within The Range Of Your PC, Connect All The Wires In The Necessary Ports. Then, Access The Router’s Configuration Page, Log In To It, And Go To The ‘Advanced’ Settings Tab To Set Up Your Xfinity Router. Diaspora

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