Why is my AT&T internet not working?

AT&T is well known to provide telecommunication services across the globe. This company also provides a broadband networking system to its customers. Being on the list of the largest router providing companies, this company is known for high-speed internet and WiFi calling services. Millions of people are using the AT&T routers smoothly without facing any issues. On the other hand, many people are facing issues in using these routers. While using the AT&T routers, you may face issues with these routers. But you do not need to be panic about it as you can get rid of this issue with the help of a few tactics that we are going to discuss on this page. So, if you are also facing the ATT WiFi not working issue then you need to approach the tips that we have given in the next sections on this page.

AT&T internet not working

Reasons behind AT&T WiFi issues

Your AT&T router may not work due to probable factors like:

  • No power issue
  • The cables are not in good condition
  • AT&T network is down in your area
  • Your device is not in the router’s network area
  • Improper network settings on your mobile or computer
  • The router’s hardware is not in good condition

These are some common factors that usually create an issue in the working of the router. If your router is facing such an issue then try to resolve them immediately.

Why is my AT&T WiFi not working after reset?

AT&T router works better after resetting them. In case you are still facing any trouble in accessing the internet of your router then you need to approach the tips that are given below:

  • Confirm that the router is connected to the power and the lights are blinking on it.
  • If you find that any cable is in a damaged condition then try to replace it.
  • If you have reset the router recently then it may be that the saved router login details on your mobile or computer is been deleted. So, to fix this issue, visit the WiFi settings on your device and try to enter the new security key of your router to access the internet on your device.
  • You can visit the network adopter settings on your computer to configure the settings as it can help you to fix the ATT WiFi not working issue.

Way to fix AT&T router not working no lights

Many AT&T router users have complained that their router is not showing any lights. If you are facing the same issue then you need to follow these tips to fix this issue:

  • Check whether the power cord is connected to the AC power outlet or not. If there is any power issue in your area then in such case you need to approach some other way to give power to your router.
  • Check that the connector cables are in good condition. If any cables are damaged then you need to change them immediately.
  • Confirm that the router’s hardware is in good condition or not.
  • Or your router may not show light if the light indicators are faulty.

How to fix ATT WiFi calling not working issue?

If you are unable to connect calls using your AT&T routers then you need to follow the tips that are given below:

  • Ensure that your router is in working condition. If the green lights are blinking on your router then try to fix it quickly before making a WiFi call using it.
  • It may be that your WiFi plan has been exhausted and that’s why you are not able to call using your AT&T router.
  • People may face calling issues in case the network is down in their area. So, confirm that whether the AT&T router network is down or not in your area.
  • Try to check the cable connections of your router before making the WiFi call.
  • If you are still facing the ATT WiFi not working issue then try to use the ATT UVerse to connect your call.

Way to troubleshoot AT&T Wi-Fi gateway

To troubleshoot the AT&T Wi-Fi gateway, you need to do the following:

  • Check that the router is accessible to the power supply or not
  • Ensure that all the cable connection is in good condition
  • The ATT network is good in your area
  • Reset your AT&T router then try to connect it with your mobile or computer
  • If you are entering the old password of your WiFi router then you need to use the current password
  • ATT routers also may not work if the network settings are improper on your device


To sum up, AT&T internet is a big name in the list of broadband internet connection-providing companies. If you have an AT&T router and it not working properly then you need to approach the steps that we have concluded on this page. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully to fix the ATT WiFi not working issue. Hopefully, this read has given you a quick idea to fix the issues with your AT&T router.

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