How to Setup Xfinity Modem Router?

Looking to set up an Xfinity router without calling a technician? Xfinity modem router can be set up in just a few steps. But before heading to the steps, let us discuss some important facts about the Xfinity router setup. Xfinity is much popular in the U.S. as it is known to provide one of the fastest and most reliable internet connections in the US. Nowadays, the Company has started to give out more in-budget packages and internet plans at a low price yet still delivers authentic performance.

Xfinity Router Setup

If you have also bought an Xfinity router and looking at the ways for Xfinity router setup, then this is the article that will help you. Here we will tell you some quick steps that will surely help you.

Before unboxing the Xfinity Wireless Gateway contents make sure that the cables needed are available near you.

Xfinity Modem Router Setup

All wireless devices in your home need to get connected through a router. Without using a wireless router, life is not easy as all modern devices depend on wireless internet connectivity. If you have just received an Xfinity Modem router, then you can make your wireless connection up and running by following some simple steps within 10-15 minutes.

Steps to Setup Xfinity Wi-Fi Modem Router

The whole procedure to set up the Xfinity router setup is simple. Just go through the steps one by one.

  1. Choose a Proper Place for the device
  2. Set up the Cables & Accessories
  3. Temporary activation of Router
  4. Finally, Activation of the internet

Now, let’s go through all the steps one by one for quick installation.

Step 1: Choose the right spot for the device

It is very necessary to choose the right place to keep your device, ignoring this can lead to weak signals or slow data. Avoid putting it near Televisions, Radios, Microwaves, Baby monitors, Garage Door opener, and your Fridge as they can resist signaling strength. It is always advisable to put it in the center of your home to ensure maximum coverage or you can use a table to put it in your living room or office.

Step 2: Now, setup the Cables and Accessories

After choosing the right place for your router, now you need to set up the cable and accessories. Just go through the steps given below.

  1. First, connect the power plug
  2. Now, if you have a cable TV running over the same coaxial cable for the internet, then you will need to use a quality splitter to prevent signal surges
  3. Then try to connect the Coaxial cable from the wall plug to the port on your router
  4. Plug-in your Xfinity telephone to one of the Tel port

Step 3: Connect to any device for Temporarily Activation

You will either need a PC with a LAN port or any other device with Wi-Fi enabled like. You can plug in LAN Port to your computer. For Wi-Fi-enabled devices you need to find the default SSID and password, so find the correct SSID on your device and type in the password.

Step 4: Final step, activating Your Internet Service

After connecting over a network now you need to complete the final step for the Xfinity router set up by connecting it through internet service. So, follow the steps given below

  1. Launch a browser on your device
  2. Type Xfinity Router Login in the search bar and press Enter
  3. Now, follow the instructions on the screen and download the Xfinity xFi app on your mobile device
  4. Once you finished the installation, open it and run through the Xfinity dual-band router setup process

Note: Once the above steps will be finished, your Wi-Fi router might reboot by itself, and it can take up to 10 minutes to finalize setup port forwarding on the Xfinity router process.


In short, the process for Xfinity router setup is simple and quick as we divided it into just a few above steps. So, you only need to go through the steps to complete the Xfinity dual-band router setup. If you want to learn more then you can visit the official website of Xfinity.

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