How to Setup a Wi-Fi Repeater on Router?

Have you purchased a Wi-Fi repeater and looking to set up it on your router? No worries! We will help you to set up a Wi-Fi repeater on your router. The process is not as difficult as it seems to be, as we have divided it into few simple steps. So, stay with this article to know the complete wifi repeater setup.

wifi repeater setup

More about Wi-Fi repeater

A Wi-Fi repeater is a wireless device that helps to extend the coverage of your router’s network. So, if you are facing low network coverage at home or office then a Wi-Fi repeater can be a good choice for you all. Make it clear that it does not speed up your network it just expands the area of the network.

This may be a choice if your router is been outdated and is unable to give good network coverage. In such a case you can also choose to buy a Wi-Fi repeater. So, we can say that it is an advanced technology-based device that enhances the network coverage of your router. If you have purchased a new Wi-Fi router then unpack carefully and check for any type of manufacturing defects and replace it, if found.

Steps to setup Wi-Fi repeater on your router

Let’s begin the setup process of the Wi-Fi router, just go through the steps one by one to complete it without any issue; look at the steps:

  1. Choose a placement for a Wi-Fi repeater (avoid choosing a place that can resist the router’s signal like thick concrete wall, wood or glass)
  2. Now, plug your repeater into a working power outlet (nearby your chosen location)
  3. Then, connect the repeater with your laptop (windows or laptop) by using an Ethernet cable
  4. Open your laptop(skip if already opened) and then navigate on the windows start or dock and select it
  5. Then, look for Control Panel and tap on it
  6. Now, you will get to see a “View Network Status and Tasks” option, tap on it
  7. Navigate on to the ‘Manage Network Connection” option and then right-click on Local Area Network and select Properties, followed by Internet Protocol Version 4 and properties again
  8. You can check the wifi repeater setup manual to be sure, but you will need to enter the default IP address ( in the respective blank field
  9. Enter common number strings for the subnet mask ( and default gateway (
  10. Now, head to your web browser and type in it
  11. Then, log in to your admin panel by entering username and password( both are “Admin”)
  12. Now, you will be taken on wifi repeater setup wizard
  13. Look for the Wireless Repeater Mode and tap on it
  14. Now, click on OneKey Settings and choose the Wireless Network Selection button
  15. Then click on the “Refresh List” button
  16. Select main router’s wireless network then click Next
  17. Now, enter the password of your Wi-Fi network in the Pre-Shared Key field and click on Apply>Reboot>OK
  18. Finally, the Wifi repeater setup process has been completed successfully

Note: Once you will finish completing the above steps you will realize that the network converge has been increased than before. You can also use these steps to set up a WiFi repeater on Windows 10 and set up a WiFi repeater on Mac. You can use WPS button on router to make a secure wireless network connection from a computer during the router setup.


In short, the Wi-Fi repeater is a perfect device to extend the network coverage of your router. The wifi repeater process is simple and quick if you keep following as it is we have mentioned in this post above.

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