How to setup a VPN on a router?

If you are an average internet user, then you have to acknowledge the fact that there are many benefits of using the VPN service. By ensuring an encrypted browsing experience, the VPN allows you to bypass the regional internet restrictions, protect your data and device from scammers and hackers online, save your expenses such as rentals or airfares and browsers from different locations amongst others. However, few people are aware of the benefits to connect with the VPN router. One of the key benefits is that it allows you to connect all the devices to the private network via a Wi-fi connection. Let us understand more about VPN, how it benefits us, and how to setup VPN on a router.

setup a VPN on a router

What is a VPN router?

By using a VPN router, you can connect all your devices to the VPN network without having individual software installations. Remember, all the connected devices- computers and other smart devices do receive continuous network access. VPN router plays a vital role in connection to the different networks so that you get a secured connection and you can use it by any interrupted services. There will be no chance that your device is not secured and safe.

How does a VPN router work?

Before we jump on the steps to set up a VPN on a router, it is important to know how a VPN works. A VPN works by routing your device’s internet connection via your chosen VPN’s private server rather than the internet service provider. This is so as when your data is transmitted to the internet, it comes from the VPN despite coming from a computer.

Moreover, the VPN works as an intermediary to connect your device with the secured internet platforms. This is done by hiding your IP address, showing the numbers of ISP assigns to your device, and protecting your identity. Furthermore, if your data is still interrupted, then it will be unreadable till it reaches its final destination. Also, the VPN creates a private “Tunnel” from the device to the internet and it also hides the vital or important data through encryption.

Pros and cons of having a VPN router

There are certain advantages and disadvantages of VPN routers and hence you need to know them before you setup VPN on router. Here are they:

Pros/ Advantages:

  • More devices can be connected at a time. It is a one-time connection for security purposes.
  • It works with every possible platform.

Cons/ Disadvantages:

  • It is costly.
  • Less flexible to the connection.
  • More devices are connected the lesser speed you will get.

Install VPN on router- Elaborated steps

To install the VPN on the router you have to follow the steps that are given below:

  1. First of all, you have to launch the internet browser from a computer or any other device that is connected to the router network.
  2. Remember, the user id name is admin.
  3. Just select the “Advanced” option and go to the “Advanced setup” followed by the VPN service.
  4. You have to select the “Enable VPN Service check box” and tap on the “Apply” option.
  5. You need to specify any VPN service settings that are on the page.

How to configure the router for VPN?

To configure the router for VPN, then follow the steps that are given below:

  1. First of all, you need to gain access to your Router’s administration section.
  2. After this, you need to find the way out to your VPN options.
  3. You need to add a profile for your VPN client that includes your VPN username and password.

 Tips for using your VPN router

If you are looking for the tips and tricks to use the VPN router securely, then we have a set of instructions for you:

  1. You need to set up your router with a VPN account.
  2. You must avoid “Free” VPN services available online.
  3. Just save money by paying annually.
  4. The user should use a mobile VPN client wherever possible.
  5. Do not let your VPN drain your mobile device.
  6. You need to understand how to use the VPN client and service.
  7. Just save money when booking air travel and hotels.

Final thoughts:

Through this article, we have tried to elaborate and showcase all the essential do’s and don’ts that are in need to set up VPN on a router. And we hope that you are clear with each one of the section to use the VPN router. However, if you still have queries left with you can visit the official website and get assistance for the same.

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