How to Reset Asus Router to Factory Settings?

You may need to reset your router to factory settings if you have forgotten the password/ username of your Asus router. The process to hard reset the Asus router is easy and quick. If you are looking to reset your Asus router to its factory settings then you are on the right page. Today we are discussing the methods to reset Asus router password by resetting it to factory settings.

Reset Asus Router

We have mentioned two methods to clear all the settings in your router into the default settings. So, with no further delay let’s head to discuss both the methods to reset your Asus router to factory settings.

Method 1: Reset the router using the RESET button

You can reset the router to factory settings by using the reset button on it; look at the steps that we have mentioned below:

  1. On your router find the reset button
  2. Then, long press it (up to 5-10 seconds)
  3. And wait until the power lights start blinking
  4. Now, using your computer, visit the Asus router login page
  5. Then, use the username (admin) and password (admin) to access your router’s admin panel
  6. Now, after accessing the admin panel you will be able to configure your router’s new settings
  7. You can also select a new username and password for your Asus router
  8. Finally, you have reset your Asus router using the reset button on it

Note: After completing the above steps your router will be reset to its default settings. Now you can visit your router’s admin panel to configure the new settings. These steps are also applicable to the Asus rt-n66u router and Asus rt-ac68u router.

Method 2: Asus router reset button is not working

In case your Asus router reset button is not working then you need to use this method to reset the factory settings of your Asus router setup. Make sure to use this method only when you could still enter the WEB GUI successfully. Go through the steps as we have mentioned below to hard reset the Asus router.

  1. Insert your Asus router’s AC adapter to the DC-In port
  2. And try to plug it into a power outlet
  3. Now, using an ethernet cable, connect your PC to your router’s LAN port
  4. Then, open a web browser on your computer and visit the Asus router login
  5. On this page, enter the username and password to access your router’s account
  6. Now, look for the “Administration” option and click on it
  7. Then, navigate to the “Restore” tab and click on it
  8. Now, you will be prompted to confirm the action then click on OK
  9. Wait for a while and let the router finish rebooting process
  10. Now, use WEB GUI to manage the new settings of your router

Note: When the router is processing the reboot process, avoid shutting down or power down your Asus router. Once it will finish the rebooting process you will be able to reset the Asus router password, network address name, and other settings as well. 


To sum up, if you have lost access to your Asus router network or forgotten the password/ username details of it then in such case you will need to reset Asus router password. You can reset an Asus router using two methods such as by visiting the router’s administration settings or by using reset button on it. In this post, we have mentioned both the methods that will help you to reset your router to factory settings.

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