Choose and set up your Belkin router

Looking for solutions related to power, security, audio, productivity, home automation, or connectivity? Belkin brings to you the best answers of all time offering its services to a widespread consumer market for electronics and enterprise environments. With its origin in Southern California, it serves in over 50 countries and more. Here, in this read, we’ll be discussing the Belkin router setup along with a few top models in the Belkin routers as their products are ideated and crafted to empower members of society through technology.

Belkin router setup

What makes it so different?

Before discussing the Belkin router setup, you know it’s different when its major purpose is the technological empowerment of the people whether they are at home or their workplace. These wireless routers take the connection from an Internet service provider and then it creates a network for computers (wireless-enabled) to access from.

And post the Belkin router setup you can easily send messages, browse through the world wide web, and get a fast download of files without any issue. The model number – Belkin n150 router, Belkin n600 router, Belkin n450 DB router, Belkin ac1200 router, are routers by Belkin that have always been in the spotlight and they are definitely worth looking at.

Belkin Wireless router setup page

Here you’ll get to know the two most common ways for your Belkin router setup- power cycling the router and the modem, and manually setting up the router.

Power cycling the router and the modem:

  1. Get the modem and the router unplugged from the power source.
  2. Connect them both with the Ethernet Cable and WAN/Internet port.
  3. Pug them to the power source; turn the modem on, and then the router.

Manually Router Setup:

  1. Get your computer device connected to the router via an Ethernet port.
  2. From a web browser, get into the router’s default setup page.
  3. Look for, locate and go for the “Login” key link.
  4. Let the “Password” space blank, as is the default setting.
  5. In the next step choose “Connection Type” under Internet WAN.
  6. Confirm and select the connection type with your router and hit “Next”.

Note: Get in touch with your Internet service provider if you’re unsure about your connection type.

Belkin WiFi router setup password

Everyone is well aware of the significance that sides with a password but a Wi-Fi password is majorly directed towards limiting the number of users. In the process of Belkin Router setup, the password is set to blank by default. However, you can change or reset the default password whenever you want let’s see how:

  1. Go to the default setup page and complete the Belkin router login.
  2. Go to “Security” in the left navigation panel on the next page.
  3. Look for Pre-shared Key (PSK), which is set as the current key post setup.
  4. Change and/or reset the password, as you like for further usage.
  5. Lastly, end the process by clicking on “Apply Changes”.

Note: Start with keeping the password space blank on the default setup page.

Setup Belkin router as access point

Belkin router setup as an access point is for the times when you, for some reason, want to expand your Internet network by connecting an additional Belkin router. You can configure it in two ways- Using the router as an option for the access point, and disabling the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server.


Belkin wireless routers are best in providing power, security, audio, productivity, home automation, and connectivity solutions. It offers its products and services to several consumer electronics and enterprise environments that are spread across more than 50 countries in the world. It aims at encouraging and empowering individuals when it comes to technology, after all, it’s a digital world. With Belkin router setup you can perform all your tasks, professional or otherwise, almost instantly with high-speed Internet connectivity. There are two ways you can set up your router with and mentioned are the steps involved in both ways. Also, you can go through the above-mentioned steps to change or reset the router password to restrict the number of users on your Internet connection.

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