How to find and change the AT&T Router Login details?

How to find and change the AT&T Router Login details?

AT&T incorporation is a well-established American telecommunications company. It offers several services in different sectors including broadband services. This company offers router services in the United States and its neighboring countries. AT&T routers provide a high-speed internet connection to your mobile, computer, and other WiFi-laced devices. This company is the second largest provider of mobile and broadband services across the country. Many people among us are using the AT&T router services at their homes and office. But, do you know the way by using that you can manage the login credentials of AT&T login account?

How to find and change the AT&T Router Login details?


If not, then do not worry about it as we are going to talk about the ways to find the default login credentials for AT&T, the method to change default login credentials, solutions to fix the AT&T router or network stops working problems, and other related topics. So, if you are also interested to learn all about the AT&T login process then you need to keep reading and following the instructions that we have mentioned below on this page.

What are the default login credentials for AT&T?

As we know that login credentials are the keys to access the account or your profile on any online platform. Like other broadband services providing companies, AT&T also focuses on the convenience of its customers. In addition to this, this company allows you to access your router’s admin panel by using AT&T default login credentials. Yes, you heard it right. AT&T default login credentials allow you to access the router’s admin panel and manage it. Now, you must be thinking about the AT&T login credentials (default). Well, AT&T default login credentials can be easily found from the manual or the back of your router. However, the default login password for AT&T is “attadmin”. You can easily log in to your account by using this default login password.

Find Default Username and Password of AT&T router login account

To find the default username and password for the AT&T router login account, you need to do the following:

1: Read your router’s manual:

AT&T provides the router’s manual when you purchase a new router. In this manual, you can easily find the default username and password of the AT&T router account. To do so, find the manual and go through a quick read. If you have lost the manual then you need to move on to the next way that is explained below.

2: Search on Google:

Using a browser or Google app, search for your router’s model and default password. To perform this task you need to connect your device to the internet connection. When found, use the password details to access the AT&T router’s account.

3: Look for a sticker on the router itself:

The password of your router’s account might be given on the sticker that is pasted on the back or front of your router. So, look for a sticker on the AT&T router to find the default username and password

Reset AT&T Router Login Default Credentials

If you have created a password for your AT&T router account and you have forgotten it then you can fix this issue by resetting the router to default login credentials by approaching the steps given below:

  1. Make sure that your AT&T router is in working mode
  2. Now, find the reset button on your router
  3. When found, press and hold the reset button up to 30 seconds
  4. Now, unplug the power cable of your router and hold the reset button again for 30 seconds
  5. While holding the reset button, connect the power cable
  6. Now, press the power button for another 30 seconds
  7. Wait for a while and let the router turned on
  8. Finally, you have reset AT&T Router Login Default Credentials

How to Change AT&T Default Login Credentials?

AT&T login details can be changed easily if you have the username and password details of your account. The steps to access the AT&T router login account and update/change the default login credentials are given below:

  1. Launch a web browser on your mobile or computer
  2. Enter the IP address of your router in the search bar
  3. Then, visit the AT&T router sign-in page
  4. On this page, enter the default login username(blank) and password (attadmin) details
  5. Now, click ‘Login’ to access the router login account
  6. Visit the ‘Settings’ section
  7. Find and click on the ‘update/change login details’ option
  8. Choose a username and password for your router’s account
  9. Then, check the details and click ‘Submit’ to save the details
  10. Finally, you have updated the login credentials of your router login account

Way to fix AT&T router or network stops working issue

If your AT&T router has stopped working then do the following:

  1. Check that the power cord is connected to the AC power source
  2. Try to turn off and then turn on your router
  3. Ensure that green lights are blinking on the router
  4. Check for any loose connection or damaged-cable
  5. Reset your AT&T router to fix the issue


To sum up, the Att router login account can be accessed and managed easily by using the default username and password details. If you have purchased a new AT&T router then you can easily find the login details of your router’s account by approaching the steps that are given above on this page. We hope that you have learned about the AT&T router login process by referring to this post.

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