Easy-to-follow guidelines for Asus router setup process

It doesn’t really count whether you wish to change the password or you want to setup the router for the first time, there is a need to login to the Asus wireless router setup wizard. For those, who do not know what is the wizard window, it is a configuration page of the Asus router that enables the users to change or configure any sort of settings of the device. All you need is to use the web domain Asus router login page to login to the Asus setup wizard and then make the required configuration or changes in Asus router settings. The Asus router setup process starts with the login step at the Asus router login page. On the page, you will be asked to enter the details and once you have signed in successfully you will get into the Asus wireless router setup wizard to further configure the network. Through this article, we will describe to you the steps for the Asus router setup. So let us get started!

Asus router setup

What are the step-by-step instructions for the Asus router setup?

In this section, you will find an elaborated stepwise guide to Asus router setup:

  1. First of all, you have to plug into your Asus router and connect to the Internet.
  2. After this, just connect the Asus router to the wired device.
  3. Now, power on the device connected to the Asus router.
  4. Load the routerssetup.com webpage on the web browser.
  5. Fill in the Asus router default password and username.
  6. You have to access the Asus wireless router setup wizard and configure the network.
  7. Follow the instructions that prompt on-screen.

How to setup the Asus router as access point?

Through this section you will get the stepwise process for Asus router setup as access point:

  1. First of all, you need to download the specific driver or install it with the use of a CD drive.
  2. Once you have installed the driver, you will get the router icon on the desktop.
  3. You just need to connect the Asus router via WAN port along with the LAN port of the router
  4. In the next step, you have to tap on the icon that is visible on the desktop.
  5. Go to the admin page, where you will see so many options for customizing your Asus router functionality.
  6. Go to the admin page and tap on the administration option under the admin tab and click on the operation mode.
  7. Just click on the “Access point radio” button and tap on the “Save” option.
  8. All you need is to enter the IP address when prompted on the screen.
  9. Tap on the “Yes” button and the IP address details and the other details will be filled automatically in the section.
  10. However, if you insert these details manually, then there is an option to choose the “No” button and add all the details that are required to establish the access points.
  11. Just assign a new password and the name.
  12. Once everything is setup you need to tap on the “Apply” button to save all the settings you have done.

Setup VPN on Asus router- Elaborated steps

In order to setup VPN on Asus router you have to follow the steps that are mentioned here:

  1. First of all, you have to turn on the button that says “Enable VPN Server”.
  2. Now, enter the username and the password in the blank space.
  3. After this, you have to tap on the “+” to create the new account for the “Open VPN server” window.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

To conclude:

If you still have questions or queries related to the Asus router setup then we suggest you visit the official website for Asus wifi router setup and get professional assistance from the customer support team. You can also look for the related blogs and content that will help you with the same process online.

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